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Big thanks to Fly Boy Toys for helping us create this image. It even has Bad To The Bone's nose art on it.  T-shirts coming soon.

We are returning a rare Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon to flight. We have named her "Bad To The Bone" and we need your help to wake her up.

The Harpoon was a WWII patrol bomber that was used for anti-shipping operations, primarily in the Aleutian Islands. Currently there are only three airworthy Harpoons, and once airworthy ours would make number four. To donate simply click on the link below.  


Recently we commissioned the very talented Adam Washer from Scouts Pin striping to create the nose art for Bad To The Bone. It turned out amazing.  We have also enlisted Fly Boy Toys to help us with new artwork for shirts, hats, mugs, etc. Let us know what you think.  More updates soon.

We are still working behind the scenes to get Bad To The Bone back in the air. Unfortunately it has been a very busy year for us, and although we have made progress, we are behind schedule and the 1st flight will not happen until after Jan 2019. 

 The carburetors are at the carb shop for overhaul. The overhaul is $9,000 for both carbs. Any donations to help offset this cost would be greatly appreciated. 

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Big thanks to our latest sponsor of the return to flight for "Bad To The Bone"